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Dr. Sandra Steingraber Jul 5
ICYMI: case brought by pro- PA landowners will proceed. They allege the interstate agency ⁩ is not the boss of them. “It’s dictating to two counties what they can and cannot do. And that should be troubling to all people.” 1/2
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Dr. Sandra Steingraber
Au contraire. What’s troubling to all people is a few landowners who want to blow up their bedrock imperiling a source of drinking water shared by 15 million other people. Dude, we don’t let you operate a brothel or a meth lab on the banks of the Delaware either. 2/2
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LustHogsPT2 Jul 8
Replying to @ssteingraber1
It sounds like you’re the meth head. Natural water aquifers don’t go below 1kft. Before any lateral is even heeled, it’s already THOUSANDS of feet below any natural water supply. I mean, fracking has only been happening for 80 yrs -SMH
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