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Dr. Sandra Steingraber 5 Jul 18
ICYMI: case brought by pro- PA landowners will proceed. They allege the interstate agency ⁩ is not the boss of them. “It’s dictating to two counties what they can and cannot do. And that should be troubling to all people.” 1/2
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Dr. Sandra Steingraber
Au contraire. What’s troubling to all people is a few landowners who want to blow up their bedrock imperiling a source of drinking water shared by 15 million other people. Dude, we don’t let you operate a brothel or a meth lab on the banks of the Delaware either. 2/2
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Glenda Rutherford 9 Jul 18
Replying to @ssteingraber1
Dr., do you have any idea how unbelievably idiotic you sound?
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