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Andrew Clark 29 Oct 18
Feeling grateful for who, aside from being a great manager (see: this thread), is the best I’ve ever seen at quickly navigating code she didn’t write and making it better
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Ankur 2 Nov 18
+1 to that. I would actually love to get better at that. I wonder if it comes naturally with experience.
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Sophie Alpert
I dunno how to teach this well, but maybe I could do a livestream of my thought process sometime! I might need someone else to suggest something to debug though
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Sophie Alpert 3 Nov 18
it's kinda cheating since I know the React codebase already though
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Robert Schaap 3 Nov 18
Would _love_ to see that.
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Joel Louzado 3 Nov 18
Any random JavaScript library would be great. As you say, it's an academic exercise about revealing a thought process so anything would do. The more unfamiliar you were with it the better. 😊
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mahaveer 3 Nov 18
Would love to see you going through react code base cuz I really want to understand it and also cuz I failed when I tried by myself 🙈
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Ernesto Rodriguez 3 Nov 18
+1 I'd watch this. It's a skill in always trying to improve on!
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Jordy 3 Nov 18
Would watch. One of the most important skills to have imo.
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Daniel Zuzevich 3 Nov 18
Sign me up.
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Mohammad Aziz 3 Dec 18
Hey, , I read your blog and any plans for doing that livestream? I would love to see what's your thought process.
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Júlio Xavier 6 Dec 18
This would be great, looking forward to it.
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