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Chris Corrigan Sep 11
We can never know that the pattern we are seeing is the deepest one. requires us to make good guesses about the data we have. To make good strategy, we have to probe, sense and respond, in the words of , learning as we go.
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Sascha A. Carlin ☻ Sep 11
Replying to @chriscorrigan @snowded
In our part of the world, we explain to non-software ppl that we will need to abstract their problem. It’ll sound absurd in the penultimate step. It will do so because we need to abstract one step more than ultimately needed, because otherwise we won’t know we’re finished.
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ᗪᗩᐯᕮ SᑎOᗯᗪᕮᑎ
Level of abstraction key - and people generally fail on that
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Sascha A. Carlin ☻ Sep 12
Replying to @snowded @chriscorrigan
There's no certification programme for that.
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