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Tweets May 16
Snowpark: Coming soon. Snow guns being tested. -CW
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Fire destroys hotel ahead of Tasmanian ski season: -CW
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Hi peeps, who's looking forward to the upcoming season? What's your plans? Tell me all about it!
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Blackheath Weather May 6
2of 2: You will often hear 'Bummer, here comes the traditional downgrade of this event!' as we get nearer to it. I like to see this as an 'upgrade'. As we get within 72 hours to 48 hours of an event, models get upgraded with more satellite, ship, plane and buoy data. Stay tuned.
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Blackheath Weather May 6
1 of 2: There will be a lot of social media and traditional media chat about the significant weather system showing up on the charts for Thurs to Sat and beyond. Still too early to be clear on outcomes. IMO, we will have a clearer idea by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.
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Andrew Miskelly May 6
The wave of cold air currently 2000km SW of WA is expected to "cut off" from the main polar circulation and arrive over SE Australia by Friday, bringing rain, snow and other goodies.
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Andrew Miskelly May 6
Fog or snow? False colour satellite imagery helps. In the second image, fog/stratus appears as white and snow (on the Main Range in NSW) appears as red. More of the latter as soon as Thursday.
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Autumn may finally arrive later this week with overnight temps dropping below zero in many areas and the possibility of some snow. It's important that we check smoke alarms are working, heaters are in good working order and flues and chimneys are clean.
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TL;DR: The Spencers Creek¹ peak snow depth for 2018 will be 201 ± 42 cm.....the best news I've read all day..
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Avalanche training for NSW and VIC 2018: -CW
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day shelter, STSA Ticket Office/ ski patrol first aid facility making nice progress. -CW
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On again. ski gear sale: Saturday May 19th. Get in early as always. -CW
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Ground cooling in style! -CW
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What sort of low life does this? If you see it, you know what to do. -CW
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: Volunteers needed this weekend. Skilled & unskilled to prepare for this season. -CW
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Spectacular! Can someone please order enough snow for us this season so we have to do the same? -CW
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Heads up: festival - - Sept 1 (also by strange coincidence it's international southern hemisphere telemark day). -CW
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Bureau of Meteorology, Western Australia Apr 12
As an astute follower of BOM_WA has pointed out, the correct term for pyrocumulus is Cumulus flammagenitus. More details can be found on the International Cloud Atlas at (warning this can be addictive if you are into clouds!)
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Replying to @ldshield
So would making it operational. -CW
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Mt Buffalo: "If it wasn’t over before, it is now." -CW
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