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Since 1995. #1 in Snow. This Twitter account is managed by members of our community forum. (CW) (PD) (Maj) Richard (RHT)
Tweets Oct 14
Looks who's now on Twiter: , the wonderful map artist who's work so many of us here in Australia have poured over since earliest childhood days! -CW
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and we are any issues if you encounter them
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chief beaver reports the problem with the certificates is currently resolving.. won't be long now
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and forums are about an hour away from normal service.
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Very nice! Jelly... -CW
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Jane is known as the "Snow Goddess": When Jane makes a snow forecast, we listen. -CW
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Ben Lomond Committee Jul 7
Mountain Update - Lifts are go on Ben Lomond this morning - ...
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Travel tips: Getting the best from Sky Scanner (& a Flight Centre warning) -CW
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The kind of tragic we understand! -CW
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Does need to improve their camera options? " work this week and had the opportunity to browse the cameras during the days. Perisher's cams? yeah ok. 's cams - even Friday Flat? Man I wish I was there!" -CW
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Snowmaking: Ins & outs (equipment, science & state of the art)- -CW
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Won't be long before we top that effort! -CW
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bowlo: To go or not to go? That is the question. (For some) -CW
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Sneak preview: snowpark preparing for the season. ; ) -CW
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It's a long way to the top... Bagpipes at courtesy of forum member Mctavish! -CW
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Jane Bunn Jun 10
: All systems go from tomorrow... 20 to 60 cm of by the end of the week, then 10 to 30 cm still to come this weekend
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When even the NSW Minister for the Environment (Gabrielle Upton) shows a complete disregard for protecting our alpine environment from feral horses you have to wonder what else is being allowed. -CW
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So this is how seriously the NSW Gov't is taking their responsibility to look after our fragile alpine environment. Feral horses are more important to them. Madness! -CW
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's new "Resort Uphill Access Policy": a step in the right direction. -CW
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Replying to @snowactionmag
LOL I'm sure there's no shortage of volunteers for that job! -CW
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