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Digital Marketing Manager, Photographer,  Tech Advocate, Web &  iOS 📱⌚️Developer, Meditator. Living in Okinawa, Japan. 沖縄 日本.
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New tools I need to consider on Twitter studio and tweetdeck
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Dionne Waugh 14h
This is seriously the BEST thing I’ve learned in a long time!
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Twitter representative giving opening remarks to kickoff
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At Keynote starting soon.
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Secrets of a Pro Food Photographer: Tap to learn how BBC Good Food gets the most delectable shots.
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Fools wait for a lucky day but every day is a lucky day for an industrious man. —Buddha
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Love the simplicity of this quote. Another great little find from the book which I love. We become what we think.
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Apple Support Jan 8
Is that busy group chat going into overdrive? Swipe left on the conversation and tap Hide Alerts to take a break.
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Japanese KitKat: The Secret Stories Behind the 300+ Unique Flavors - The original four-finger bars of KitKat first appeared in the 1930s in the UK. Over the decades since then, the brand has become a staple of life for British chocolate lovers and has...
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Visit Japan near New Year and you'll see . This traditional decoration is placed in front of places to greet Shinto deities, known as kami. Typically made with pine, bamboo and ume, they're usually displayed in pairs at entrances, representing male and female entities.
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Counting Down New Year’s at Tokyo's "Times Square" in Shibuya! - Shibuya Crossing is renownedly the world’s busiest crossing—but from 9:00 p.m. on December 31, the entire area will be shut down for cars and transformed into one massive outdoor countdo...
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The Japan Times Dec 29
Japan’s Seven-Eleven stores to start selling food with English labels
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Apple Support Dec 29
Want to keep your photos and messages safe and sound? Here's how to back up manually with iCloud:
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𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕪 Dec 21
Snow Night/Hayami Gyoshū.
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東京カメラ部 Dec 22
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The Fuji Guys Dec 21
X100F Firmware Update The latest firmware Ver.2.00 for X100F is now available. Follow the link below for more detail and to download the firmware!
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Japan Today News Dec 22
Japanese police officer pursues, pulls over Lamborghini supercar…while on a bicycle
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Jo Dec 22
“Learn how the moon goes down in the night frost before Christmas. Open your nostrils, smell snow. Let life happen” Sylvia Plath © Joel Meyerowitz Kennedy Airport New York 1968.
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