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Shelly Kittleson
My latest for , on recent killings of major tribal figures in 's al-Zor and the ensuing unrest, reports of continued smuggling, and Iraqi former still in eastern Syria. With comments by a head sheik in 's and
The assassination of a prominent tribal figure and reports of continuing smuggling of individuals from Syria into Iraq have raised concerns on both sides of the border.
Al-Monitor Al-Monitor @AlMonitor
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Joe Waczewski Aug 11
Thank you
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Shêrko Serfiraz ☀️ Aug 11
So, again, you didn't talk to the SDF to reflect what they had to say? And no comments about the absurdity of some things said in the article, i.e. former IS members now fighting alongside the PKK or SDF etc? This is at best poor journalism, at worst, an insult to our intellect.
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Omar Alhadedy Aug 12
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