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Shaun King
Dear , How in the HELL did the county supervisor in Black Hawk report 27 votes for Steyer and then you gave him 396? How did they report less than 5 votes for Deval Patrick and you have him 494? Please explain this!
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Ben Hauck ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐ŸŒน Feb 5
Other comparisons between County Supervisor and IDP: Sanders (-511) Buttigieg (+10) Warren (-369) Biden (-6) Klobuchar (-114) There is ZERO chance this is due to only 95% of precincts reporting. Sanders, Warren and Klobuchar supporters should be outraged!!!
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John Walsh Feb 5
Were the numbers that the County Supervisor posted final alignment numbers or just 1st preference? Cos if they were final numbers then something very bad seems like it is afoot
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John Brown Knew๐ŸŒน Feb 5
I think some people should be arrested and thrown in jail.
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Marie Kame Feb 5
In France they just bring out the guillotine, and then the rich calm down for a while
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COVID-IOT 45 Feb 5
Omg. We literally have no democracy . Gop and Democrats are assaulting and pillaging Democracy at the expense of the people
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Not voting for people who accept corporate money! Feb 5
all county supervisors need to release their results now!!!!
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Patrick Bruck ๐Ÿž๐ŸŒน Feb 5
Many are saying
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Haunted by Waters Feb 5
Obviously this looks/is terrible ... but TWO CANDIDATES appear to have been attacked with this vote reduction. And I see the usual Sanders crew very adamant that ONE of them get their votes. Sell this as "ALL votes need to be counted properly," include BOTH, and you've got me.
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Nobody, Apparently Feb 5
Obviously what everyone SHOULD want is a transparent process with every campaign getting every vote they won counted for them. It's the only fair thing to every volunteer who busted their ass to campaign for their candidate.
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AZMomma Feb 5
OMFG! At what point do we take to the streets?
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