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Scott Hanselman
HTTPS & SSL doesn't mean "trust this." It means "this is private." You may be having a private conversation with Satan.
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Congrats on your 100★ tweet!
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يزن الحامدي 2 Aug 12
yes sorry I deleted and retweet it now :)
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Scott Hanselman 2 Aug 12
thank you! :)
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Iain Chalmers 2 Aug 12
Actually, it only means "someone who can read email sent to" Only Jesus knows whether it's really him
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Tim Haines 2 Aug 12
currently your fifth most retweeted tweet?
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Martin Stemplinger 2 Aug 12
< SSL should mean "private", after all the CA fails I'm not so sure it really does
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Dave Piscitello 5 Aug 12
MITB attacks make it even less than that. No privacy assurance: you cannot trust endpoint. SSL means "not plaintext"
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Andrew 17 Feb 14
thank god you say that! i've had numerous discussions like this with several people across the industry--somehow it escapes them
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Philip Hofstetter 17 Feb 14
but at least you will know that you are talking to him as opposed to an imposter
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