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Seung Min Kim
Pitch-perfect line describing yesterday on the WH beat: "The White House finally surrendered itself to being a stage set for Mr. Trump’s greatest reality show."
Choosing a single day that epitomizes the Trump presidency — with its tangle of norm-shattering days — is a fool’s errand. But Thursday came close.
The New York Times The New York Times @nytimes
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12 days left to save a democracy 12 Jul 19
Jerry Springer’s been upstaged?
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twittewy twitt 12 Jul 19
Exactly! They were yelling "Gorka, Gorka" instead of "Jerry, Jerry".
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Jay Bennett 12 Jul 19
But now Pompeo does an interview with Gorka.
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AGIT-POP 12 Jul 19
*The House on Zombie Hill* A horror story ripped from today's headlines.
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Ed Kirwan 12 Jul 19
All he had to do was trap the MSM belligerents into running out into the open. They could not help themselves but oblige.
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Renee Peffley 12 Jul 19
OMG! That’s historical 😂🤣
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Stephen Mason 12 Jul 19
Journos cause problems wherever they go! Just like they did in North Korea!
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SRC 12 Jul 19
It's like 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest', after the inmates took control of the asylum!
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Please Vote and take your neighbors 12 Jul 19
Quit giving him attention. It validates him. He craves it. He measures his success by it.
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SusieJane 12 Jul 19
Someone on NPR said it was like the bar scene from Star Wars.
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