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Victoria Barrett Jan 19
Former poor kids: what are some things you have in your house that you *never* had as a kid, things your not-poor friends would never consider luxuries?
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Sandra Ebejer
The ability to buy what we need, when we need it, without having to figure out what other thing has to be cut. If my kid needs clothes, I can buy them without worrying that we might not be able to afford food.
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Victoria Barrett Jan 20
Replying to @sebejer
Yes! And being able to buy something you might need later while it’s on sale!
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My husband grew up poor and to a certain extent, I did too. I remember eating soup and pasta for dinner most days and only having a few pairs of shoes. I wore hand me down clothing too. Now, I will buy my son's clothes that I know he won't fit until next year. I can't help it.
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Amber Glaros- she/her Feb 9
Yes. Shoes that fit when feet grow. Shoes were always bought a size too big& worn until they were too small. Replacing glasses when prescriptions change or God forbid they break/get lost. Not having to give something up because I got sick& needed a prescription.
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Phil Burnett Jan 21
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