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Sebastián Pozzo
I have a cool preview from ! Not quite unnerfed Lurrus but I'd like to see if the aggro strategies can use it post board versus removal decks. Thanks for giving me this spoiler.
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Zeyaad Pandey Jun 15
Does this work with the Adventure side of cards? If so then Flaxen Intruder (Welcome Home) early would be amazing, also Shepard of the Flock (Usher to Safety) can buyback the Artifact late to recast.
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Sebastián Pozzo Jun 16
Replying to @ZeyaadP @wizards_magic
No, it doesn't, sorry.
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Gundala ⚡ GTR Jun 9
Lurrus BW would love this as a late game or post sweeper
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Tukaram🍥 Jun 9
Grande Sebas :). Se jugara .
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Vorthos Mike Jun 9
Welcome to Magic ! Lovely art
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Fabrice Véron Jun 9
Isn't there a slight resemblance with a famous French actor? 🤔
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JD Farrell 🇪🇺 Jun 9
That's phenomenal! White may get to start drawing cards now, but THIS is what white really needs for card advantage done its way. Love that cards return to graveyard if you lose this, love that you can blink it to reuse it.
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Joshua Anderson Jun 9
I like it. Might help to partially plug the giant hole that every boardwipe blows in my monowhite EDH deck.
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David Stevens Jun 9
got a decklist? I've been mucking around with white weenies for a while but haven't found the one
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This Is Steps 🥳 Jun 9
So lurrus is just useless now right? An artifact is harder to get rid of and this makes them free? The power level in this set is insane.
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SpartanDan Jun 9
1) You have to pay 2 to activate the ability, so no, it's not free. 2) This doesn't let you replay artifacts, enchantments, or even creatures that died after you played the Idol. There are things it does better (not limited on cost of creatures), but also things it does worse.
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