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Michelle Oct 10
We feel the way we feel. We want what we want. That being said, I don't give two shits who the democratic nominee is. I've spent the day looking at pictures of dead children. We have children in cages at the border I don't fucking care who the nominee is.
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Kara The Democrat Oct 11
I will never understand people—even conservatives—who say, “If candidate X doesn’t win the democratic nomination, then I won’t vote.” We are in a national crisis. ANYONE is better the Trump.
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BlackWomenViews- UNBOSSED & UNBOUGHT Oct 10
I have a message for the tone police and concern trolls who love to hop in my mentions demanding I or who try preemptively blame me if Trump gets re-elected.
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Deborah Greenhouse Oct 15
Watching the . Eventually I'll choose a candidate. If my candidate doesn't win the nomination, that's ok. I'll vote for the one who does. I hope that millions of people agree with me.
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Four Wheel Workout™️ ♿️ aka Four Wheel JD™️ Oct 10
Y’all people are the privileged bunch who have the space to just vote for anyone. You have nothing to lose. I on the other hand am a Black Disabled Low/No-income Woman. I am multiply marginalized and can’t afford to just ride the wave.
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Kimberly Oct 10
Replying to @mmpadellan
I haven’t decided who I’m voting for in the primary, yet. But, I know who I’m voting for in the general.
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Alyson Metzger Oct 15
I was not demoralized by Bernie's health crisis. Life happens. But I have been demoralized by this elite game of "organizing" charades, like we the people aren't sitting right here, almost half of us destitute. I won't capitulate to . And you can't make me. 😘
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📚Sim Carter at Chapter1-Take1 🎞 Oct 13
Replying to @KatieArtigli
I love what Bernie stands for. And if he wins the primary, hallelujah! But what if he doesn’t win the Dem primary? Will you seriously not ? Because I really really don’t understand that.
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Black Panther 2020💥 Oct 16
State, county, municipal level too!
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TrekkerTeach 15h
🔥✊🔥✊🔥✊🔥✊🔥✊ I don't think so. Want my vote? EARN my vote. I see the charade. I know my history. They say incremental change is the way. Try living a day in my shoes... ✊🔥✊🔥✊🔥✊🔥✊🔥 Damn. This is good...
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Uncivil, unpolite, uppity self...sephius1999 🤔✊🏾 Oct 13
I can't believe white liberals are literally telling black voters to . It's insulting. We have literally been doing that for the last couple of decades. White people on the other hand......are fidgety voters.
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LDH Oct 14
I just blocked a huge Beto supporter bc she viciously attacked another Dem candidate for something she has owned & apologized for repeatedly. I refuse to coalesce with any supporters who are waging purity wars & aren’t willing to when the time comes.
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John Pavlovitz Oct 10
I just want a President with compassion, intelligence, and simple human decency. We missed out on that in 2016. Let's not do that again.
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chris evans Oct 12
Replying to @notcapnamerica
Meanwhile it’s white people always showing up in our mentions talking about
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JustinCredible.TV Oct 16
Replying to @kennedystewart
Harper looks like a complete angel compared to four years of Trudeau.
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Hope, Unironically 🌹🏳️‍🌈 12h
? I don’t think so. You want my vote? EARN MY VOTE.”🔥🔥🔥
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DJ Claussen Oct 12
"Warren may appeal to many Sanders supporters." No. No, she doesn't. She appeals to Clintonites & the crowd, not true Progressives. This is a hackneyed attempt to preemptively blame Progressives when they fuck this up & lose (again).
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HSetzler 🌊 14h
Replying to @NBCNews
He's preparing to run. Good. But he will lose...again.
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Bridget Cameron Oct 12
Replying to @RandyRainbow
Wanted: US President who can spell, use correct grammar and punctuation. Context is a plus. Republicans need not apply. Position open until 11/03/2020.
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Kathryn QannaYahu 10h
Replying to @1nicholedejesus
The more I became aware of politics, more I have likened it to my abusive marriage w/ the fucking pathological narcissist. And yes, they are the abusers AND those telling you to forgive them for the "sake of the family". Well I got divorced & I won't fucking
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