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Gentijan Qabrati Oct 20
you need to hear this remix of your me this guy is incredible, you're gonna love it. 😍😍😍
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Inductee Janet Jackson 14h
- looking forward to seeing ’s name on the 2020 ballot. Her nomination and induction are long overdue!
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aimeetoons Oct 17
Some real gems on this one! 😂❤️ Thanks Kelly & Terry!
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Dr. Joy Spaulding Oct 15
Janet Jackson on Instagram: “We are so excited to see U all in November 🤗 All dates are now on sale; Nov. 20, 21 & 23! Link in bio.”
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NuTNC (Thanachart) | #SaveYourInternet Oct 19
Replying to @remixedbynick
hey guys thsi is part 2 of Escapade Nick* 2019 Remixes this version is alternative version that's the key Ab Major (Nick* Pacific Paradise) to F minor (in named Nick* Maui Sunset) Download: Thanks:
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MC Oct 13
Replying to @JanetJackson
Hey, J. Thanks for the selfie. So, so beautiful. Guess u heard we needed more than just a shoe. 😂 Happy Anniversary and ‼️ Love ya, always. Have fun, be safe and be Blessed. 😍❤️💜💙
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John L R Oct 15
Still amazing artists visionaries trailblazers lyrics FRESH heartfelt so back in the day good times. USA
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Janet  Fan For Life 18h
Control single turns 33. Today back n Oct. 21,1986 It was released as the 4th single from Janet Control Album the song won a Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B/Soul or Rap Music Video, beating out her brother Michael, Whitney &Jody Watley. ❤️
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NuTNC (Thanachart) | #SaveYourInternet Oct 17
This friday night will release new version remix of Escapde in midnight CMT Now, listen to Nick* 2014 North Shore Remix: Download: Thanks to:
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Kelly Alexander Oct 15
Make sure to check out our celebration of 's Rhythm Nation 30 as we chat with dancer on the !
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Nina.... Oct 15
Replying to @ElginCharles
Not to mention how he left Ms Jackson to take all the heat from their performance
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The MJCast Oct 14
Have all the caught up in the latest ? An incredible discussion, is their guest, nana undies...just don’t bring any marble cake. Tune in for the best laughs you’ll have all week! ^Q
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The Kelly Alexander Show Oct 13
Brand new interview with dancer Cynthia Davila talking about the 30th anniversary of Rhythm Nation!
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NYBandit1 Oct 15
Behind The Scene Treasure In Action Making Her Legendary Video “Love Will Never Do Without You” 🔥⚔️♥️👑🔑🙌
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DE’RON🌙 Oct 18
was a GROUNDBREAKING ALBUM that pushed past race and differences and helped to envision a better world with music and dance. Thank you for your contribution to the music industry and for this . 🖤 Keep pushing forward ✊🏽
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