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George A Field Sep 14
The nocturnal developer πŸ˜‚
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Folasade Agbaje Sep 12
Wohooo!!! Built out & styled this calculator using
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Matteo Frana Sep 10
I'll speak at about reusing stateful logic in . Let's meet in Verona, October 4th!
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sussexsquadpodcast Sep 14
Happy Birthday Prince Harry King of our Hearts πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰
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Llew Sep 14
Came back to & after a year (assessed it will be a good fit for a part of app I'm building at work), discovered redux-starter-kit and I like the helpers it offers. For example with createReducer I don't have to bother with immutability.
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Florian Adonis Sep 16
Spoiler: on its own is not SEO friendly...
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NicLicMarketing Sep 12
Keep dreaming big never give up
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Roman Schejbal Sep 14
Since I started doing ReasonML full-time, I haven't stopped thinking about how awesome it is to have such a strong type system as an ally rather than an enemy. Also, module functors & GADTs are a superpower that let me create bulletproof forms abstraction on top of Formik.
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WrestlingJesus1 3h
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you to it
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Khusharth Patani Sep 13
πŸ“ Created my first react app. πŸ”₯ πŸ“ Used an API for the first time. Components, states , props those were a lot of new words for me but after making this I feel completely satisfied 😌
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Ron Hughes Sep 14
Been learning over the last month, and I must say I feel like I've come a long way in the learning process. This is a project I worked on for , this is a SPA pulling data from a Rick & Morty API to display the data. I look forward to learning more!
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NicLicMarketing Sep 13
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Christophe Seguinot Sep 12
Should I learn React Native ?
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Nadia Sep 8
Today my real-estate page got very lucky, and got itself some tests
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Sean Groff Sep 15
I discovered something I like more than . I should do this more 🏝
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Safi 9h
Day 2 /100 - Revisiting nPm Packages /nPm Scripts
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Dare Lawal Sep 15
Does anybody knows any online platform that I can manually store images and fetch them via its api?
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Remote Contract Alert: Software Developer | $60 - $70/hour (Estimated) |
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Remote Contract Alert: React JavaScript Front End Developer | $55 - $70/hour (Estimated) |
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Kino 2h
R2 Day 51 | Today I continued to study some more on udemy 😬 I was surprised at how much more I understood the lessons even though I hadn't been directly studying React for a little while πŸ₯° Must be because I've revising JS a lot 😁
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