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Lord Abraham Mutai Oct 13
A recent report revealed that 32 per cent of the registered pesticides in Kenya have been withdrawn from the European market - where the bulk of the products registered in Kenya originate from - due to their toxicity and lack of data.
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Save our planet and wonderful tarantula from within your job, please visit my FB & ReTweet, , thank you
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GMWatch Oct 16
Former French Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot: "In 1920, 3000 tons of were used around the world. By 2010, we were already at 4 million tonnes. It's a weapon of mass destruction."
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The Organic View 1m
Learn About A Controversial, Multibillion Dollar Buzzness!
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Nicky Kyle Gardening Oct 13
How could any intelligent or unbiased person think we can spray our with pesticides designed to kill and these poisons would not affect , which share about 42% of our DNA, and not affect us as well? supports - kill it!
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Pure@clearwater Oct 12
Replying to @Pureclearwater2
Farming cocoa this way uses fewer so are often grown like this. To celebrate, I baked using shade-grown chocolate - a sacrifice I willingly made to - what noble acts of would you do to save the Earth?
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Amélie Cabirol Oct 14
Can the Honey bee brain cope with exposure to ? We are starting to understand the impact of these on the honey bee brain, but there are still many knowledge gaps to fill!
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RD UG4PH Oct 12
This new system (may be the future) could change how we grow . Aquaponics combines & hydroponics. The process doesn't use . It uses only one tenth of the based growing does.
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Joanna Blythman Oct 15
The cocktail effect."Even small doses of a chemical substance can be harmful in combination with other substances" .
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Nicky Kyle Gardening Oct 12
Over 100 & 21 detected in 29 waterways in 10 European nations including UK. 1/4 of the chemicals are banned! 1/2 of the streams had at least 1 pesticide above permitted levels. & chlorothalonil were not included in the study
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Eric Andrieu Oct 14
Mieux vaut utiliser des plutôt que des dans les parcelles selon une étude de l’ & du ⬇️ 🐝
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Beyond Pesticides Oct 15
Despite evidence that synergism is the rule rather than the exception, EPA focuses on a narrow range of cases in which pesticide product patents make claims of synergy. Tell EPA to always investigate synergy and to determine need for .
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The Organic View 2h
Learn about The Hive Tracking Project on The View
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The Xerces Society Oct 16
Neonic pesticides hurt birds as well as the insects they eat:
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Andre Leu Oct 14
The dramatic decline of insects is related to the collapse of birds and frogs globally Science shows that are the cause The solution is
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Holly Mayton Oct 14
Check out my recent work showing that copper oxide and titanium dioxide nanoparticles can influence the rates that Escherichia coli attach to and detach from spinach and the soil! We consider implications for , , and .
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and tools are an effective tool to help reduce in the field.
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RealTruthAboutHealth 6h
#2019 - Just Released, , ; Decades of Deceit - A Critical Eye on Pesticides, Science and Industry; , , ,
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Thinking Autism 2h
"I'd say is our public enemy number one probably, but that's one of 260 that are now prevalent in our system. So, we have completely chemicalized the human experience and the planet itself..."
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My Beautiful Destination Oct 14
We start to slowly realize that insects and are disappearing. What do you do to contribute to better planet ?
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