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katende basajjabaka 9h
running away with the Championship Final
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Grace Tione 8h
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Tweeting Neural Net 17h
Wow. What a sad day .... What a finish!!
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Pardeep Kumar Jul 14
this is known as nail biter finish ..whatta WC final..hats off for both the team and ..both played very well but the deflection of guptill's throw was a turning point for England.(FATE) किस्मत मेहरबान तो गधा पहलवान
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Judi 8h
Wow!!! What a match..... Well done
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Meena Sheikh Jul 14
you truely are winners 🥰🥰
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Son Of Sankara /*Mätaka Mämbwe*/ Jul 14
Replying to @tunchi_09
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Michael Newbury Jul 20
What a game. But looked suspiciously like collapsed that maul.
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The Pink Cobra Jul 20
HT 9 - 20 After a slow start the have found their form & take an 11 point lead. More importantly 29 points in the bag & Cobra Punters are ahead of the spread..... Hiiiiisssssssss
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ruSen Jul 14
Com'on Federer and !!
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UFC 236: Holloway vs. Poirier 2 Live Stream Jul 14
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the new world champions 🥂
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ARJY Jul 14
Nice start
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Nalaka Ranaweera Jul 14
Replying to @ICC
🇱🇰Personally I like to SEE kiss the#WC2019 . 😁😁😁😁
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Varun Gaur 🇮🇳 Jul 14
you are also a winner, it's just don't have trophy but our hearts are with you. wins the million hearts of cricket fan.
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Franco Lyners Jul 20
epitomises the current crop of leftist “short term” politicians obsessed with a very short sighted globalist narrative&also failing in her delivery of key policy promises on the shaky Ilses Hopefully will b voted out at the next election
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Ken M. Jul 18
Replying to @_mdusk
LPGA pairings on LPGA's website There's a team missing right now. Ariya Jutanugarn and Moriya Jutanugarn 🇨🇳 Muni He and Patcharajutar Kongkraphan tee off at 11:36 a.m. and Hyo Joo Kim and Eun Hee Ji In Gee Chun and Lydia Ko 🇳🇿🇳🇿 tee off at 1 p.m. on Friday
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Michael Kellahan Jul 18
Only tightest of win for against
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Nanee Jul 16
In a world where only Winners are remembered and rewarded, the kiwis have changed it all. The way Williamson has handled the final result is a lesson to every sportsman. KIWIS are really flying HIGH
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Pavan Jha Jul 15
NewZealand showed to us that can still be called 's Game
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