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DamonMPA 1h
Pretty sure sounds like what you’d say about someone about to “Go Through Some Stuff”.
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Emoluments Clause 1h
:Now an AUDIO RECORDING has surfaced purporting to show telling (who he claims he doesn't know),Igor Fruman and others AT A DINNER that he planned to "GET RID OF" . OH BOY!!
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Mikey “Acquittal is NOT EXONERATION" Claims 🌊🌊 39m
unless of course "take her out" means "kill her"
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Stephanie Anne Trump 42m
Replying to @TheRynheart @lemdfde
Fiona and Marie. Thank god for strong, independent women. Please stay safe,
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David Ashlin 1h
Replying to @LibsInAmerica
Trump tells his thugs to ,because showed loyalty to our country over him. Proving again that Trump is not a president, pretending to be president.
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Gina Miller 9m
Why is Amb. even included if she is thought about being fired in 2018? Yet the phone call at the heart of the happened in 2019.
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Convict & Evict IMPOTUS 26m
Replying to @Santucci
Pleeeeeeze! Trump is FAMOUS because of his “He’s Fired or She’s Fired” Apprentice brand” Trump is nauseating about repeating his brand signature lines!!!! When trump said “Take Her Out” he means KILL HER!!!
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was told to leave Ukraine ON THE NEXT FLIGHT because of threats to her safety.
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Outspoken 2h
NEW 🚨 :: “Take her out!” Trump is recorded at private dinner saying so about Parnas tapes.
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Chris Griffin 25m
“Take her out”. This is what a mob boss says.
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Publius Valerius Publicola 36m
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Karen Piper Jan 17
The guy in the new doc dump, Anthony de Caluwe aka Anthony Calloway aka Anthony Heavenrich, was apparently the one stalking for Robert Hyde.
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Martha Gail Moore #RightMatters 44m
Nice, more evidence. A new recording with 45 saying "Take her out" meaning fire , our former outstanding ambassador to .
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David Kusnet 40m
"Will no one rid me of this turbulent Ambassador?"
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george-t🖖🌊💙 24m
Replying to @MollyJongFast
Maybe Used A Dating App And Wanted To Take On A Date? 😂 🤣 😃 😄 😅
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AGirlHasNoPresident 2h
OK, one more, because this shit is important. “Take her out.” Are we sure he was talking about firing her, because it sounds like he’s talking about killing her. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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A.Silver-MeMEs & GIFs Jan 19
Replying to @funder
Trump boasted Marie Yovanovitch was going to go through some things. This points to evidence of Trump being tied to the conspiracy to stalk the US Ambassador where there were discussions of hiring a hit.
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Valerie Martin 26m
Replying to @VickyPJWard
I KNEW IT!!! "take her out!" He wanted DEAD!
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Just Moe Murph Jan 22
Her image and her inspiration charged the Women's March in DC Saturday, despite the sleet, cold winds, and numb fingers!
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Karen Walker for VP Jan 22
I said it before she deserves a damn medal of honor when a new president takes office. She has been through hell and treated horribly is a hero in my book
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