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CoreXtra Podcast 3h
Replying to @MsChaunceyKR
You liked it way more than I did. I dont disagree with anything you said in your review except the ride wasnt that enjoyable. Not horrible, ive seen a lot worse, I think it tried to hard to be everything and therefore boring.
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Jim Braude Apr 16
Are two popes better than one? no, they're worse…
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ℭ𝔥𝔞𝔢𝔩 14h
Replying to @AndoreiMigeru
Love is such a huge thought itself. You don't question every little thing. You don't have to force a thing. 💙 *i am not expert in this area. 😊
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Galen Schoenefeld Apr 17
Replying to @coachnep @RiesMeat27
Best sound - the net on a perfectly swished 3pt or ft. 2nd best sound- the crack of a wooden bat on a well-struck ball - no crowds required
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Nicholas Angel 6h
I’m particularly liking campaign at the moment. 😂 Good cause, wrong way to go about it. .
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CarliePinc 16h
Not a fit for # rhony agree with
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Justin 23h
I really think didn’t really use talents properly! As a fantastic in ring performer he was always outshined by other wrestlers and made to lose matches he clearly should have won. I hope his new endeavors treat him more fairly then did
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Jim Braude Apr 17
Tying knots, writing in cursive, reading maps… you can’t rely on Alexa, Google, and Siri for everything...
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Joe Dager 1h
Marketing plans should evolve, not be created. And you start by reflecting on the past.
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Rosman Nizar 8h
Replying to @farahidor
Poverty should be resolved, not romanticized.
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Dave Miller 23h
would be a nice compliment.
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Fresh Kils 21h
Replying to @bullyray5150
Rey is a clone of different Jedi DNA. It explains how her powers manifest, and which ones, why she sees a water planet in her vision, and why her parents have no identity or significance.
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Kermit “The $SPY Puppet Master” Apr 17
I'd suggest looking into the first then come back and press me on any issues (positive or negative) that you might have.The discussion will be more meaningful Some YouTube (I'm lazy I don't read) references Nicole Elliot ChaosTrader63 Crypto Cred
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Grind City Media 24h
How are Memphis Grizzlies fans watching the 2019 NBA playoffs?? & attempt to answer this question in the latest .
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bee hive 4h
Replying to @RT_com @theresa_may
Uk will extradite despite . stopping the deportation of She knows all the arguements about proof and jumped up charges We should send him to
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Derek Pink 13h
I think this is one of the best seasons of we’ve had in a while!
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stargrazzer 9h
Attenboro' gone like Hawking bit bonkers towards end, bc he's been considered the great narrator of our times from his nice films, believes or doing a 'messiah flourish'/"Look I'm Here I know it all" before popping off. It panders to agenda.
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Peter Moran 7h
I fully support your stand against racist abuse. it is a disgrace. All sections of society have a responsibility to do all they can to eradicate the problem. Football authorities have a huge role to play calling out this unacceptable behaviour.
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rick landsman Apr 17
Replying to @pati_gallardo
Make part of your motivation for getting out of bed in the morning.....planting some seeds that allow you to have the option for a nap around 1 or 2 (or whenever) for even 15-20 mins to recharge. CEO with four daughters here and it’s critical for long term mental health.
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Ed Donegan Apr 17
re: American Booksellers-. Truth need not prevail, nor be the join of Free Speech protection, but it seems to me the importance of the question is a co-factor, merely a co-factor, in favor of the likelyhood in truth as victor. Without scrutiny, ideas inert.
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