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NYcake 🎆 1h
Replying to @HeyThereSeeKay
I still have high hopes for our artists kasi there are outfits/companies that are coming out to support those who are driven to get the art out of their hearts and soul to the people. Sana tuloy-tuloy lang! 🙏🏻
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Darlene Chan 2h
Loving this team of and . Right amount of hard facts/opinion/lightness.
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Leighton Jones FRSA 3h
Replying to @ScottThinker
The choir in the Handley don’t have the precision, clarity, diction or intonation to match the BBCSC in this recording.
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Jim Braude 2h
According to , is considering a “new” policy which would give parents a choice between family detention or sending their children to a gov’t shelter… aka Family Separation 2.0
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Jennifer Hofmann 9h
I have an idea. Instead of commenting on the president's latest drama, tweet encouragement to vote on November 6. Only one of these two issues deserves any air time .
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Grùdaire leanbh XXX 24h
People say things. Some of them say stupid things. Some of them say interesting things. The people that don’t say many things are probably the smartest.
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Yasirah يسيرة 3h
"...choose the great adventure of being brave and afraid. At the exact same time" by the most powerful contemporary voice in and
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John Jenkins 21h
alright - i don't like you. but i you. i knew you were good, and i knew you'd knock the out. but, tomorrow, the make it an even
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😊Dave Hasney😉 6h
Replying to @Carlo2u2
After a lifetime of reading between the lines of stats, here as before, the data merely indicates trends in a wide (but often politically manipulated) context. It's always wrong to paint individuals with broad brushes.
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BuckeyeNut 27m
Replying to @LindaSuhler
I have a theory that he has been set free by the passing of John McCain.
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Jonathan Goetz 5h
Next Supreme Court nominees s/b : Hillary Clinton since she was the first woman to win the vote for President in the USA and for her bipartisan New York Senator days Barack Obama since he was denied his Supreme Court fair hearing and for his law knowledge.
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Jacob Sam-La Rose Oct 15
Replying to @AnnaCarlaKahn
Plus: three appropriately used interrobangs! If we were playing punctuation scrabble that'd be like laying a word with a "z" on a triple word score with the "z" sitting on a double letter tile...
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Ray Seely 22h
loved hearing you on PBS . Your book is now on my Christmas list. Totally agree the American dream is a myth. Many in my family (MAGAts) believe they got where they are in life due to hard work. I’m very aware luck has a lot to do with my good fortune. 1/
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Clayton McKenzie 22h
I do not think that the EU would allow us to delay it for the period of time required to get our ducks in a row (2years would not be enough to unfuck this fuckup)... That only leaves the option of revoking A50 in time allowing a rethink...
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PBS NewsHour 7h
As a federal court looks into Harvard's admissions practices, watch 's essay on giving truly disadvantaged but accomplished kids greater opportunity.
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abderrahman b.halima 5h
Replying to @AzrawalHimmat @RT_com
Oh come on.. I mean she definitely deserved some kind of punishment... but not the holocaust..holocaust is just a bit too harsh..
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Xtreme Drive UK 7h
Still holds the 🏆 for best O/T ⚽️🏀⚾️🎾🏐🎱
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PopRag 23h
Replying to @SoapOperaNewss
Nothing against Arianne or Nicole but ... no. She hasn’t been gone long enough to miss. Who SHOULD come back os Carrie.
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robert Landheer 19h
Replying to @CaseyGerald @uiowa
Just saw your PBS well said. Saturday I attended the 50th Anniversary of the Black Studies Department at UCSB. 1968 was a very important year for America and the world. The french call it '68 thought. Carry on with your message. The struggle for justice never ends.... rfl
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Trump’s just irritating to listen to. He’s never be himself in a professional interview environment unless he’s with his -like-supporters, that’s where he’s at home.
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