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A Timeless Flight Oct 13
This scene. 😪 “So much to say....”. TheBlacklist and
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YourNewHandler🔜MIR Oct 9
Apparently, it is time to remind a fair amount of you that while I am loving my deep dive into pup exploration, this doesnt negate my dom/master side. Let's make sure youre a good boy and learn your place the next time you think about messaging me disrespectfully.
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Liza 23h
Brian Dennehy is one of the absolute best.
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Isabelle Llave 18h
Gah Damm men really ain't shit😡💀This would not fly in the Llave household
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SissyBimboDaisy 18h
Dom drone look. Not sure what you guys think
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Nick_Varless 23h
Bow down before the one you serve.
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Gaia Goddess Oct 10
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