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Amy Marioux May 18
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Incest Daughter May 19
Your sister boyfriend will never found out that you fucking her! So go for it ;) Best incest videos for download at -
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Harry Shum Jr May 19
I’m excited for the GOT finale! I’ve only watched the first episode of Game Of Thrones and now watching the last one to bookend 60+ hours I spent doing other things. Like reading the first and last page of a book.
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Pete 18h
Every time the perpetrator fools social services, lies to authorities, victimises themselves to the police, they get high on - and so do their supporters. We need to understand what goes on in their minds in order to stop them:
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Calee.b 2h
Replying to @DianahLiEs
U was caught drunk & 😂😂😂🤣🤣
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Karen Goslin 13h
isn't just physical. Ask yourself the difficult question - have you ever emotionally cheated? (via )
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Wilbert Post 5h
Nothing more pleasing when you actually have that thought being confirmed
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Danes just wanna have fun 2m
Golf is a gentlemens game of honor with no . From the professionals that make millions to the hackers who pay 20 bucks on a Saturday afternoon. You must have missed where I said "you don't fcking ". at golf, at everything in life. You Get That?
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💎Toxic Boi💎 May 18
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DenTiMotO 🕶️👨‍⚕️ May 21
When you are in exam and teacher changes your seat
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clue lane May 24
In college, we are taught how to do things correctly. At work, we are taught how to alter things effectively.
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Michael Rand 8h
I would have pushed the down the stairs, the piece of crap that he is.
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Emuejevoke Williams🇳🇬🇳🇬 10h
Replying to @BumbleRuby
Replace 😯😯😯 why not break up and start fully with the new guy rather than cheat on both of them, lady going to the current to replace what the old can't fill and returning back to the old guy to fill in the missing space of the current guy. or running ?
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