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PumpNoDump Oct 9
Waiting for next , this was fun when it lasted
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starbust Oct 8
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i₿rain Oct 14
I guess the reason why there is so many bullish tweets is that we are close to a new 👀
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Eviso Oct 12
I don't know if we can call this alt season 🍃but being in Altcoins right is definitely a good choice💯 We are ripe for a bounce...
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Prison Mike 16h
I’d much rather buy an alt that hasn’t been noticed by many with solid fundamentals coming up... Not interested in anything that’s been shilled by CT already... no thanks Got my eyes on a gem 😍
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Triaconta Bundles Oct 10
Altseason has already started
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BigTexCrypto Oct 14
How I am playing atm. Looking to "other than blue chip" alts for bigger % gains right now.
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Zandaros Oct 14
Expecting an move this week(end). Cloud is about to flip bullish on XTZ-BTC. Likely target seems to be 13-14k sats. Major breakout is of course welcome but less likely atm.
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Adr Oct 7
is going to commence soon and has exploded first.
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Crypto Adam 🦈☣️ Oct 14
& I on the same page! Don’t miss the next AltSZN fam!
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Nikadesh / ニカデシュ 16h
I dunno about but it's szn. My only real note was more or less, "When it takes blue box, target blue line." ~4100 block not putting up much of a fight. If it fails to suppress price, I'm looking for 5400-6160 to show some fight-back. I know that's a big window.
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paTo.. 🌕 17h
unpopular opinion: we will get when 's blow off top is in da making JAN 2022
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I will sell my soul for 1 Bitcoin. 1Kj8tZDQMBPTxvQGSLeWXqFRo41dR3QQQE DM for further details.
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Prison Mike Oct 14
New range who dis? - Bitcoin Alts can see some upside if BTC continues to range here..
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WhaleBearPig Oct 9
just one of those "would you buy this" tweets.
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╭━━━━━━╮ ┃ ● ══ ┃ ┃██████┃ ┃Retweet ┃ ┃If you ┃ ┃want an ┃ ┃altseason┃ ┃ ┃ ┃██████┃ ┃ ○ ┃ ╰━━━━━━╯
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CryptoEllinwood Oct 12
Replying to @CryptoEllinwood
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Mr. ₿ 10h
Binance ‼ Current price 156 Satoshi Buy Zone 149 - 161 Satoshi SHORT TERM Sell Zone 185 - 199 - 220 - 245 - 270 - 293+ STOP-Loss is Recommended Below 143 Satoshi
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Radster1975 17h
Replying to @coin_lotto
Does this mean 🤞lol
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Eric Henjum 20h
Replying to @davidgokhshtein
Here is the thing: If there is another all alts will run 20-100x or more if you are playing outside the Top 300. If you are in it for the money, more than likely "we all rich". If you are in it for more than the money, completely decentralized projects are the ONLY choice
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