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Clear Cider Jul 3
🤔 Never forget that Trump has spent more talk & effort protecting STATUES than these 20 American servicemen !!! These Americans, who DIED IN COMBAT, in Afghanistan in 2019 -- under the then (still?) active Putin-Trump Bounty Program. 🇺🇸
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Lennie Appelquist Jul 6
Mr. Wallace never even saw the noose, his crew did and reported it. Yet again Donald Trump shows that he is the biggest embarrassment this country has ever had… Most awful, racist, bigoted “president” in history.
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Alaz 3h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Can we say AHAHAHAHAHAHAH ? yes, WE CAN!
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Captain Antifa (nah, just antifa) Jul 8
Replying to @Jim_Jordan
If you really want to be American, get rid of the White Supremacists & Russian lackeys in the GOP, and never, ever let up on
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Partrick Jul 2
If you are Russian,he is If you are American,he is That's sadly truth.
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CovfefeWarrior Jul 3
Trump's got 5 core defining characteristics which is why he must go ...
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Debra Messing✍🏻 Jul 6
This Shady Company Got a Coronavirus Relief Loan. Its Largest Shareholder Is Brad Parscale. – Mother Jones
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John Steen 5h
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Paulette Feeney Jul 5
Make up your mind, right-wing wafflenoodles. I cannot be communist, fascist, and antifa all at the same time. For identity politics to work, accurate labels are essential. So STFU and deal with your insane, white supremacist squatter in the WH.
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D0nald J Trump Jul 6
Replying to @thehill
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Hillary's World Jul 3
She's a real patriot, not Trump!
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Brobech Jul 8
Replying to @votevets
The commander in chief is not on the American people’s side. He is compromised and under Putin’s control. Putin effectively have control with the US Army.
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Cheryl Gibson(Gibby) Jul 5
Replying to @DemWrite
So many of my friends and family are saying is not what they signed up for. So many are just quietly backing away for the insanity.
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So FUNNY that these veterans think I CARE what they think! I’m the guy who attacked POW war hero John McCain, several war veteran Generals & now wounded Iraq war hero ! Military vets & their families are wasting their time crying over spilled blood!
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Serena Sims 21h
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Joe Lynch Jul 7
Hey Benstrodamus! How’s the weather? ⁦
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Unconditional Surrender Spy Doggie Jul 3
The only thing the knows how to do is steal. Well there's also lying and cheating too. And trafficking children in I could go on
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Just Anita Jul 3
Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
Why is Trump hiding his, transcripts, taxes, paying off porn stars, committing treason? Spreading covid by holding rallies risking people’s lives. Why is he entangled with Epstein?
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Joe Fawls Jul 8
most dangerous man on earth Pay attention folks. The most dangerous and vengeful creature on earth is a wounded hypocrite! He may do anything to try to secure his re-election! School
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Music4ever77 Jul 5
Replying to @McFaul @MeetThePress
They were talking about how many of our country's men and women Putin has paid bounties on and tRUmp did nothing but praise him and allow it as he begged him to help in the next presidential election by meddling AGAIN in our elections.
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