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Cloudgasm Feb 13
Celebrating 2 followers.
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Brian Ray Feb 22
When winning 6 Super Bowls just isn’t enough, try 2 girls for the special πŸ†πŸ†
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Jeff Brown Mar 12
"It ain't easy being you...
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Mark Feiritear Mar 17
the meat puppets calming lyrics is liberty acting as genius like x and excene is genius. im cheap w/ emote bar manufactured sound, but alas two man made,
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Bet Not Feb 10
Replying to @gunnergoz @TheLoyalO
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Clayton Feb 22
Just in case y'all forgot, my bday was 2/22/2002. That's two too many twos to try to remember.
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Aline Abboud Mar 7
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Morkeith Brown Mar 16
Replying to @iamoakman
men can be/are victims too
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KRNG AK πŸ‡―πŸ‡² Jan 12
Replying to @TheTrueVanguard
Innocent till proven guilty. Too many people just throw the or any other type of sexual/pedophile allegations around as a joke to get back at someone. It’s happened too many times. However I will keep an open mind in the event he is found guilty later on.
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Max Johnson Feb 8
Replying to @marklutchman @SebGorka
Hell yeah
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D Mar 13
Replying to @cirisolo
Guess he owes you a such a shame how women get away with this everyday.
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Nope Mar 12
Replying to @mandiecress
If you subscribe to , we can tell you what YOU are feeling, and how it might conflict with the YOU who dreams. Specializing in twin sized mattresses, incorporates a dream monitor, with your own team of dedicated interpreters, guiding you to inner and outer peace. πŸ‘
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Pat Stack Feb 23
i feel you pain, PS3, extra controller AVI (I think that was the converter cable) and Godfather €800!😱
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M.G. Crisci Feb 12
FACT. Pope Frankie tells press no scandal his former South American diocese Week later 32 abuse victims step forward
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Bakra Ajmeri Mar 8
Racism isn't a figment of imagination. Nor is it paranoia. I should be lucky to have a job and therefore be 100% regardless. An equivalent indigenie can not wash in months , have no clean laundry and underperform but reasons. It isn't on.
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GT #Resist Mar 3
Replying to @yashar
He groomed those boys I didn't feel right to me
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blablue Mar 16
Even if you don't look at racism you also have classism. We know that in comparison to other countries pupils from working class parents/people with lower income have a lesser chance for Abitur or even study. And when you look at many of the experiences shared at you'd see
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Mike Spitler Feb 9
Stoner thought... why isnt there a jr. For women who have the same name as their mothers. Like Michelle jr? It could be wr. How come i only think of this when im high?
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As a WOMEN who has been in a role in this movement, it is heartening the did not just make it aware, but compliant w/ that β€œWe APOLOGISE to WOMEN for the shameful way humankind has treated them...”
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L Alberto #winelover Mar 4
β€œI like the silent before the service begins, better than the preaching.” β€” Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882) . πŸ‘ .
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