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めいあ Feb 19
#ランチ#lunch w/
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As stated below, our analytical data was correct and accurate that we see huge moves across the major currency pairs. This move was long overdue.
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shawnnicole 6h
Mom's against mess.
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Lenda_Jamir Feb 17
we'll all like do see u doing a scene with Juan El Caballo Loco .......
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Abinash pati Feb 14
Replying to @thisIsMukti
lovely. Look
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Gary Wilson 24h
The notion that a dirty cop with an axe to grind against SA, wouldn’t risk his career and freedom is a bogus claim. They got away with being dirty in his prior case. What makes them think they won’t get away with it again. The WI DOJ is crooked, and you’re a prime example.
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Amit Patel Feb 12
# plzzz come at my village. the villege of the great sant ^SANT SINGAJI^ .Jai hind jai bharat. Thankyou ...
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Amir Chohdary 8h
agar mera tweet ap ko mil jay to kindly plz. I will be mareg to u. 03033456096
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Bob Fawcett Feb 16
Gunman opened fire inside workplace in Aurora. Five people were killed, and others, including five police officers, were injured in the shooting. The gunman also died. Gee lucky he didn't have a knife instead (MakingAmericansMorons)
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Sachin Feb 13
Replying to @deespeak
❤️💋😘Wow u 💚
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Bob Nic Feb 15
Obama sent 1.5 billion cash under the cover of night to Iran with no approval of congress REMEMBER !! Who did thay help? Our enemy's. The Democratic House just don't get it. , we're with you President. MIDDLE -AMERICA -MILITIA . We're with you.
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Hansraj Aarti  gurjar Feb 16
Replying to @KumariDiya @crpfindia
m very happy kindness# give your mobile no If u can provide# hind
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thailane manchidi Feb 13
SONA debate Catch Up I can see our youngsters and their energetic characters but bo magriza ba babedi she ba😃😃 polelo e ya tsebja mo kgwedi mampuru `Khawula
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Shahdaab. Feb 13
Replying to @MayKingTea
Oops not Mom.. Thank You So Much Mam.🙏
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Hassan Rono Feb 16
Replying to @MohamudAbass
Evaluation committee😂😂😂😂😂 indeed has risen!!
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Our data analysis indicates that some major currency pairs/commodities may see big moves in the coming hours. So. expect some level of volatility
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Mistress Brewing Feb 18
It's a special edition of --Mistress Art Monday. We are putting out the call once again for local artist to display their works in our Taproom!! Please shoot us a message for more details if you would like to join the fun!!
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Is just taking notes of all these
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MX1 2h
Use case: Read how we help Germany's Beta Film digitally manage and deliver its catalogue of more than 4,000 titles and over 15,000 hours of programming in a wide variety of formats.
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Gary Wilson Feb 16
Dear How can give a press statement on 11/10/2005 and state "blood was found in Halbach's vehicle, elsewhere on the Avery family property and in buildings on the property" and not be held to account for prosecutorial misconduct? That's a flat out lie
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