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Eisaiah Engel Sep 2
Replying to @eisaiah_e
3/ is a checklist of issues for founders in every country in the world, not just Delaware C-Corporations. Section 2.2 says that founder stock vests over 4 years. In some legal jurisdictions, unvested stock cannot vote.
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Eisaiah Engel Sep 5
Replying to @rlj_law
What an awesome topic--scaling a services business. One that's near and dear to me. Services biz are often not capital intensive to start, which is good for building leverage to later get investment under terms like . Will it be recorded or live streamed?
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Jennifer Rohleder Jul 24
Is your considering taking outside investment? Before you do, make sure you fully understand the strings that come with the money. Review my answer to what makes up a "good" term sheet.
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Kate Kendall Jun 11
I see many founders get into poor investment deals that do more to hurt the company than help it thrive long-term. Grateful that lawyers and founders are open sourcing docs and things to look out for. One such is the . Interview below. 👉
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Eisaiah Engel Sep 3
Financial partners that wanted to turn a Zebra into a Unicorn. Hence, and I wrote .
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Jennifer Rohleder Jul 25
Founder Friendly Standard is a framework for determining if your startup investment deal is founder friendly.
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IndieConf Jun 13
Excited to welcome as a partner of . Thanks for opening up such helpful info for indie founders looking to raise capital on their own terms. 👌
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Eisaiah Engel Sep 12
I’d pitch those entrepreneurs on the value of and not accepting anything less than terms.
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John Stancliffe #SMUSummit Bound Jan 31
Signed-Sealed-Delivered: Got my signed copy of Grays Sports Almanac by - Grays Sports Almanac for Venture Capital: A new standard for optionality to beat the odds
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Eisaiah Engel Sep 7
I'm pleased to announce that attorneys have finished comprehensive comparisons of to term sheet templates from
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IndieConf Jun 11
If you're an indie founder and looking to raise, you must check out the helpful (customizable for AU companies too). Check out our interview with here. 👉
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Jean Sep 7
So, did you create a term sheet template, based on your ?
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