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Sam Ghali May 20
Here’s an amazing with all the classic findings of ↑K+: 1. Small Ps 2. Peaked Ts 3. Wide QRS 4. Long PR 5. ST Elevation Be able to recognize these and start treatment without labs and one day you will save a life! K+ was 9.1 !
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David Roy, PharmD May 18
Antagonizing over antidotes? Here’s a concise and comprehensive antidote dosing guide published by . Excellent resource!
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Casey McQuade May 18
Doodling is a significant source of your nightly vitamin requirements.
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Musa A. Sharkawi May 16
Chest pain after AFib ablation. What’s the most likely diagnosis?
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Emergency Radiology May 19
Westermark sign! (R pulmonary oligemia seen on CXR). Unicorns do exist! Seen in <2% of PE
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Q: A striking image of what condition? ANSWER: 
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TheResusRoom May 20
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Q: A handy refresher for those reporting paediatric fractures. SEE IT: 
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Dr Andrew Mackay May 22
As a doctor (or if you were a doctor) what would you want from a professional talk on the subject of “Using Social Media and Staying Sane” ?
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EDeducation May 22
Here is my ‘medical apps’ I use most frequently on the shop floor to directly influence decisions and patient care.
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Geeky Medics May 21
Do you know a thrill seeker?
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RCEMLearning May 22
Adult priority call, 3 minutes. You read the ambulance hand over, & tut to yourself. 90 year old, fallen down the stairs, normal observations. You wonder why they’re bothering to pre-alert you, after all her observations are normal. New blog 👉
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Peter Antevy May 18
A great text today from one of my all-star lieutenants. “Just had a successful first pass intubation using the king vision and the Wilco way!” Thank you and WIlco for sharing best practices.
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Ben Bowthorpe-Weller May 19
Saw noradrenaline given as a neat infusion this week with no dilution... is this commonly done/has anyone seen this before at all?
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Jon Carter May 22
ac joint injury. a one minute wonder.
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Rob Greig May 21
Help, community! I want peoples ED experience of D&V 💩🤮- how it’s managed. A disease that often triggers admission but is mostly self limiting YET once in the hospital it spreads like wild 🔥 shutting wards down. Can anyone share some community centric pathways? Thx.
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Arthur Broadstock May 15
Quick and dirty identification of venomous vs non-venomous snakes. Look for eye shape, head shape, and ventral scale pattern.
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Salim R. Rezaie 15h
Corticosteroids in Pharyngitis – Systematic Review + Meta-Analysis by Allon Mordel, MD via
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Q: How do you think this happened? ANSWER: 
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Salim R. Rezaie May 22
Airway Pitfalls via 1. Failure to Prepare for Failure 2. Failure to Position Pt Properly 3. Failure to Optimize Oxygenation 4. Failure to Optimize Hemodynamics 5. Failure to Consider Awake Intubation 6. Failure to Prep for Cric
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