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Hate Liberals? Bite Me. Nov 23
RT : 58 days until the Tea Party starts caring about deficits again. 58 days until evangelicals start pretending to care about values/morals again. 58 days until Republicans in Congress start caring about "executive overreach" again.
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Cathy McInturff 8h
Replying to @HamDried
🦹lacks the ability to be thankful...
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Cathy McInturff Nov 20
Replying to @kyledoescode
I'm going to suggest for all these who believe these lies, refuse to wear masks, social distance, and continue to support 🦹should ALL LIVE in a ONE !
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Hate Liberals? Bite Me. Nov 25
RT : Last week, Mitch McConnell jammed through some judges without passing covid relief. Same thing the week before. And the week before that.
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Hate Liberals? Bite Me. Nov 24
RT : Let's call it for what it is: Trump isn't conceding so he can continue to fundraise to pay off the $421 million of debt coming due. He'll run the con for as long as he can get away with it.
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MD Diva Nov 19
trump, in plain sight, doing his best to overthrow democracy. And not one GOP trying to stop him.
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Jonathan Greenberg Nov 20
Go Jean! You may be first in a long line of deserving cases that will send to the poor house and prison. I wish we had a functional DOJ to arrest Trump & enablers for sedition & conspiracy to interfere with our election.
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PresidentBidenIsComing Nov 21
Replying to @BoKnowsNews @maggieNYT
Biden went to church. You caught up. Get anywhere near on his private golf course?
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Jason Nelson Nov 20
Replying to @thehill
For 150k+ lead? To give in to ? Sad.
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Hate Liberals? Bite Me. Nov 17
RT : See this list of actions below 👇 and help us elect Jon and in Georgia here:
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Winnie Fatton Nov 20
But seems to be suggesting that may have other cards to play. It's time for and to stand up for democracy, and reaffirm that matter, and .
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Marc The Geek Nov 20
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Trying so hard to be , good tey
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Mischa Nov 20
Hey, yo! Has Got To GO!
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Phillip Zibilich Nov 20
Your terrifying thought of the day: If Trump is trying THIS hard to steal a second term..... What would he do to steal a third? He already said he's "entitled" to one several times over several months...
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#GOPisAHateGroup Nov 22
Replying to @LikelyBen @GOP
Temporarily they can get real with the situation, panicking now for what is to come. Trumpism will continue to destroy . Trump was bad for Republicans while he was president, imagine the aftermath. 88% of dictators do not leave office after an election.
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jack pittelkow Nov 20
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MaebyMe6 Nov 21
Food for thought for Trump supporters: If somebody told Trump right now they had a silver bullet to turn America into a monarchy where he and his family could rule forever, would he do it? Would a person who loves America and everything it stands for do it?
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T. Rose Nov 25
We can not forget how we got here...
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Wear your mask! Nov 20
wants to overturn Michigan’s results.
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Elba Saavedra Nov 19
He looks exactly like tRump, a MONSTER ! He's 's lawyer, the outcome is DISASTER.
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