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Amy Crandall Jan 16
Looking for a couple critique partners for my psychological thriller novel “Delusions”! DM me if you are interested
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Writer's Block Party 11h
Looking for a ? Take a peek at the comments in our post & see if someone might be a good fit! Critique Partner Match Up!
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Cayla Keenan Jan 11
Weird question: I’m going to be looking for CPs for my sequel and I’m not entirely sure how to go about it bc the debut is being published in June and doesn’t need any work...
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Megan Lally Jan 17
Don’t forget, you guys! The next event is coming up fast! Pitch your WIP for a chance to meet new writers and get some fresh eyes on your pages!! ❤️ More details here:
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Nay Patrick Jan 17
So grateful for and super excited about my !!!
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erika🌸rose Jan 11
Replying to @TuiSnider @PenPaperPad
I have found a few through I think that is it.
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Kat Cho Jan 11
I'm totally stalking all the comments and I LOVE all of the stories people are posting so far! If you're looking for a then we're hosting a (indefinitely) over at (link to post in QT)
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Julie Rains Dec 11
Another 5,000 words are written and saved. Now I need a good reader.
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June Hur, Queen of the Heo Clan Jan 4
Replying to @KateHallAuthor
hopefully you'll get more responses. try !
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Z. W. Taylor Jan 5
Super excited for ! your are a saint for doing this!
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Amalie Jahn Jan 13
Looking for a couple critique partners for my latest WIP. YA contemporary set in NYC about a girl with severe germaphobia. TIA!!!
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June Hur, Queen of the Heo Clan Dec 27
Replying to @LM_Riviere
I'd recommend Or: Leave a post on Absolutewrite Or on Agent Query Connect Hope that helps!
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Z. W. Taylor Jan 2
The cold water hits you like your first hangover from too many fireballs used to coat the cheap party and cheaper people with something that makes them all easier to swallow. But you can’t do that here, not in the land of wolves. Besides, Levi only has whiskey.
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Emily Hornburg Dec 27
Reach out to writer friends, people who like reading the genre you wrote, search and follow
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Writer's Block Party Jan 11
It's critique partner match up day at WBP!!! Comment on the blog post below with a short WIP pitch and connect with other writers! Good luck!!
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Katie Zhao Dec 31
Replying to @JessicaBCooper
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So glad to have met through and so excited to keep FANGIRLING OVER EVERYTHING YOU WRITE in 2018!!🎉🥂😊
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viraltripura Jan 18
😡😡Shame Shame on 😡😡 People are ready to uproot from Tripura. will bring development in Tripura.
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Jessica James Jan 17
Replying to @pilgrimstoe
Join chats, like (here’s a list ) Also, keep an eye out for things like , and cp/beta matches on blogs and the /YAwriters reddit (which is also just a great place to meet people!) I’ve also met people by entering contests!
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Wendy Heard Jan 5
First of a few rounds of making with working our way through this stack of entries! Some of my favorite one liners ever in this batch!
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Megan Lally Jan 6
Side note, but holy crap, this is my FOURTH year running !
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