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A.J. Ormon Aug 16
Looking for a CP. I write historical romance. I read broadly from Alisha Rai to Stephen King and I’d be happy to return the favor. I read fast and can’t help but follow any agreed upon deadlines. 🤣
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Evette Aug 11
I have a book that is fantasy but leans heavily to the literary side. It is low fantasy and their world is like ours. I'm in need fresh eyes to look at my book and point out any issues. People who usually read nonfiction might like this as well. All r welcome.
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𝕄𝕖𝕘𝕒𝕟 𝕃𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪 Aug 14
I’m going to be taking a Twitter break, for reasons. I’ll be around later this week to announce the next but other than that I’m in need of some distance. 💜
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Jenny Aug 15
Replying to @writerjand700
Also, is there a date set for another 🤔
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Amren Ortega Aug 10
Is there going to be an August ?
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Naomi Davis 9h
Replying to @articulatedream
Children's writers can utilize SCBWI, and I've heard good things about . Or I can tweet about you and your genre and authors who follow me might tag in to help you. :-)
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Jen is prepping for PitchWars 🏳️‍🌈🦇📚 9h
Replying to @NaomisLitPix
I may end up tweeting at you down the line then! Thank youuuu! (I tried this year but didn't have any luck. I'll get there though)
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Manddy 6h
Looking for a CP.....note to self not everyone thinks CP means Critique Partner.
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💐रबिन सायमि✌️ 8h
आज भोलि अन्योल र दोधारमा छ जिन्दगी खितका छाडेर हास्न 😂😂 किस्मतले दिदैन ✌ डाको छोडेर 😅😅रुन स्वाभिमानले✋
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Chad Parsons 12h
Poking my head in to say that and others should check out the tag and also the (free) matchmaking service by
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Lauren 13h
runs a CP matchmaking program. And occasionally there's a twitter event called 🙂
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Ela Jane Aug 14
I found my CPs through the hosted by
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Cimone Watson Aug 14
Replying to @KAKraft
There will be a sometime soon, a twitter event to help writers find CPs. It's a great event b/c you pitch your novel, and you can specify what kinds of things you're good at and what you need help with.
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Amy Hillman 🌸 Aug 14
Replying to @Big_O_Dad @PitchWars
Do you have a critique partner or two? if not try that might be of help. good luck
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Megan Taraszkiewicz Aug 14
So many writers are already signed up. Find your partner for free!!
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thewritersmatch Aug 14
Let help you find a critique partner today!
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Maria Is Writing Paranormal Horror! Aug 12
Hey, is looking for a CP for a 1st Person 100% from an animal's POV. He's been having difficulty finding ppl interested, so reply below if you can help him out
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Elise Scott Aug 12
When you can't wait to get your CP's next batch of pages because you're dying to know what happens...
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Suze Aug 12
Replying to @ramona_is_here
Also is another hashtag and sometimes you’ll see some do a hashtag called (I think they had it back in June) usually when you want the return you are seeking a critique partner rather than just beta reader.
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Lindsay Landgraf Hess Aug 11
Replying to @thetrishakelly
I found my CPs on the hashtag a couple years back. Start by swapping first chapters, to see if you're a fit. There are also events every so often, so be on the lookout for that!
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