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Scott Lipsky
Panic move by . Doubles now best of 3 in 1st round after 1 day of rain. Panic!! Bad move guys
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Susie20RF 29 Jun 16
smart move IMHO
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Fanny Bu 29 Jun 16
Changing the rules of an event just because of one day rain is horribly casual and reckless.
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Turtle 29 Jun 16
u can not be serious? That is a joke !
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Mariska Oosterhuis 29 Jun 16
what? only for the first round? :O I feel there won't be any doubles today...
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Stephanie Myles 29 Jun 16
Replying to @Mariska_1980
All the doubles today are already cancelled.
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Jack 29 Jun 16
the first round of Ladies Doubles will consist of one 8 game "pro set" with no ad scoring ?
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Raymund Egan 29 Jun 16
wouldn't have happened under Alan Mills.
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Stephanie Myles 2 Jul 16
They did it a few years ago – in the MIDDLE of the first round when some already thru
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Barry Mahagoner 29 Jun 16
think about all the $$ they save on tennis balls this way, news flash doubles doesn't sell tickets
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