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Margot Sanger-Katz
Covid tests in Austin are backlogged for days because results are being sent via fax, then typed into a computer, before people can be told about their results. h/t attn:
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Margot Sanger-Katz Jun 24
If you’re trying to provide (or receive) coronavirus care, and a fax machine is getting in the way, do let me know.
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Anthony Leon Jun 24
If you want to see how further messed up this is, look deeper at how everything is reported. With daily numbers being reported, find out how far back the tests were completed. Connectivity in healthcare has long been a challenge, now add in the public sector lack of interop.
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Jenna Ellis Jun 24
Obamacare tried to make all healthcare digital. GOP fought hard to roll that as well as other things back.
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Janma Jun 24
State agencies in Texas are barely funded. Remember, no state income tax.
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Heidi Finan Jun 24
Huh, maybe paying taxes isn’t such an evil thing
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Mariam Watt Jun 24
Why are they using a fax machine?
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Loch Nessa Monster🌸 Jun 24
Underfunded maybe?
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Elle Bee Are Jun 24
Fax. In 2020.
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jake teater Jun 24
I just had them page me - was much faster than fax.
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Counting down to Inauguration Day Jun 24
convoluted costly wasteful "healthcare" system in America =>☠️☠️ it's not about 'healthcare' it's about profits/greed 💰 this is by design Up and down the ballot 🌊 🇺🇸
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