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Sam Stejskal
MLS did indeed send letters to various FAs saying it would not send players to int’l matches. This isn’t a league-wide mandate, though. Individual clubs can decide for themselves whether to send their call-ups. We’ll see what FIFA says. W/ :
Factoring in time for quarantine, losing international players this October could be a big competitive blow for the league.
The Athletic The Athletic @TheAthletic
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Kenner At Home 🇺🇸⚽ Sep 25
. position: you can call the players but they have to leave their knees and hamstrings here.
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Chris Kilroy Sep 25
We shall also see what FIFPro does and the european leagues may not be far behind.
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Kelvin Loyola Sep 25
Sorry Sam they cannot. It’s a FIFA date and the teams MUST release the players. Some teams sent letters as a way to convince NT. Highly unlikely any NT will say yes.
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Talgrath Sep 25
FIFA may say that, but legally playing nice with FIFA is optional. If enough leagues tell FIFA to piss off, it's FIFA that will be forced to back off.
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Danny Sep 25
When push comes to shove, I can't see doing anything other than rolling over. Especially if they're trying to prove players can still get NT call-ups while playing in MLS. But who knows; MLS is gonna MLS.
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CB Sep 26
Tough situation. Dont want the travel and risk but to deny some a chance at an intl cap is harsh.
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Refrui Sep 25
MLS has no choice FA won’t let their players leave in the first place and FIFA must sanction
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