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Ryan Burgess 18 Jul 18
What was the first conference you attended? What did you think of it?
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Samantha Bretous
2017. 1. Received the diversity scholarship for a ticket. 2. Did a to get me there. 3. Got my first tech job from it.
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Parashuram 18 Jul 18
Replying to @samanthabretous
4. Gave an amazing talk at . I really liked the talk! Thanks for it. Liked how you were able to abstract the problem. And the colorful slides..
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Jamison Dance 19 Jul 18
Whoa, I don't think I knew this story of gofundme -> tech job. Congratulations, you deserve the success!
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Kyle Shevlin 19 Jul 18
This is seriously the coolest story! That's awesome!
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This Dot Media 19 Jul 18
it's great to hear this inspirational story.
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