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Michael Eades, M.D. 2h
Yelp reports 60+ percent of businesses permanently closed due to Covid lockdown. Think of how much work and how many life savings went into these businesses. A real tragedy.
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Nick Szabo 🔑 1h
Top Szabo concepts & terminology: * Mental transaction costs * Social scalability * Book consciousness * Smart contracts * Franchise jurisdiction * Pascal scams * Proxy measures
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Nicholas Zerangue 2h
“Those who confuse entrepreneurship and management close their eyes to the economic problem... The capitalist system is not a managerial system; it is an entrepreneurial system.” - Mises via in Bitcoin Standard
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Publicly traded corporations have to buy because of their fiduciary obligation to shareholders.
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6102 5h
Replying to @saifedean @WTF_1971
🤯 Ammous, Saifedean, Slowdown: Aviation and Modernity's Lost Dynamism (May 25, 2017). Ammous, Saifedean. (2017). Slowdown: Aviation and Modernity's Lost Dynamism. Columbia University Center on Capitalism and Society Working Paper 95, Available at SSRN: 
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WTF Happened in 1971? 6h
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David Bodiroza ©️ 5h
Just a brilliant piece on the epistemology of the pseudoscience in epidemiology by 👊👊👊
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Jordan Schachtel May 5
Replying to @saifedean
The Hollywood component is so important here. The mask fanatics are under the impression, due to seeing too many dramatic pandemic productions, that people are going to drop dead if they inhale unfiltered fresh air.
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Trevor Noren Sep 18
"84% of S&P 500 assets are now intangibles"
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Replying to @renepickhardt
Murray Rothbard The Ethics of Liberty Hoppe Democracy The God that Failed. Good luck!
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Alice Smith 12h
Leftists have corrupted the word ‘tolerant’. It used to mean that you could appreciate different viewpoints. Now it means you have to accept their viewpoint.
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Andrea Scott 23h
Epidemiologists have cured as many pandemics as central bankers have cured recessions.
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Replying to @WTF_1971
A citation would be nice!
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Moishe Schtupper 6h
The best thread I've read this year. After reading it, read up on Fridrich Hayek if you want to know what liberalism REALLY means
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Replying to @discretelog
Central midfielder, number 8 mostly, but I can play everything
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Replying to @RahulJagtiani
Yes the bitcoinstandard at gmail
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Replying to @saifedean
You can extrapolate any three data points exponentially, but math is no substitute for reason. Why should people get sick according to your equations? Why should this virus be so different from all others? Why did Belarus, Turkmenistan, Nicaragua & Sweden witness no mass death?
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Replying to @saifedean
Deadly virus outbreaks that kill masses of healthy people have NEVER happened. The idea that viruses can decimate healthy populations is ridiculous science fiction & you only think it's possible because you watch Hollywood trash & read press-release science from junk media.
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Replying to @sp4q
Moose is gloriously delicious!
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Replying to @richyjswan
It'll be five years of carnivore for me next month. Going to write up a guide of all I know. Stay tuned!
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