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Sabrina Bellosi
We always encourage dialogue. heard clearly that the most responsible attitude to take should be of maximum restraint & avoid any military escalation. united in inviting Iran to comply & determined to continuining fully implementing the deal
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M. Faraji 13 May 19
You are doing wrong or misunderstood. You shoud ask US to to so. Iran has done completely and you agreed before if any parties wouldn’t comply, article 26 &36 would be considered.
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Jorge alegre. 13 May 19
Replying to @sabellosi @Iran and 2 others
no qieremos dialogo.
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Parsi 13 May 19
When is Federica´s last day on the job? Not soon enough!😕😕
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Peggy Laurence 14 May 19
Yes well said, dialogue is always a must, we already live on top of a volcan, the Trump gov is like a piromane ready to start a fire just to oblige the world to go on with their agenda, EU must stay independent
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Michael Hahn 13 May 19
Ich finde es richtig dass die EU den Vertrag mit dem Iran vollständig beibehalten und voll umsetzen möchte. Der Iran sollte aber sein Ultimatum das die EU innerhalb von 60 Tagen reagieren soll zurück nehmen. Diese Entscheidung des Iran war unklug die EU unter Druck zu setzen.
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Iraj RM 13 May 19
Would you please, just for a moment, look at the situation from the perspective of an ordinary Iranian who has long been suffering the dire consequences of irrelevant disproportionate unfair sanctions?
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Sayyid Imam 13 May 19
Not enough. EU an independent Union, can & should do more to ensure holding Cowboys to account for their illegal fascist existence. Of course, at this end, Cowboy will find massive response to their Militarism. WILL sink Fascism to deep parts of Ocean for centuries to come.
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Iran Military 13 May 19
You invite Iran to implement deal while you didn't do nothing from your side,all EU companies are abandon their investment plans,and you proposed to Iran to give oilf for goods(basicly to select something from list you proposed)...seems you want leverage from Trump actions
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Davood 13 May 19
Nice talk. But Iranian people are suffering under unfair unilateral US sanctions. EU should save Iran’s economy to keep the deal alive. It is not fair to push Iran to keep implementing JCPOA while have no benefits.
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Majid 13 May 19
Why you invite Iran to implement the deal? What is with your declaration and agreement? Since USA withdrawal from JACOPA you have done nothing objectively!! EU should be more independent in its political and economical decisions!
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