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Anything GOEs Mar 12
🇬🇧 New Pair team consisting of singles skaters Lydia Smart and Harry Mattick listed for Qualifier 1 (23rd-27th March)
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Simon Briggs
Here at we are preparing a new team for the future too. . Future for British pair skating is looking good. 👍👍👍
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Anything GOEs Mar 13
So exciting! We can’t wait to see them! 😁
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Hermione's Edge Wear Mar 13
Go for it guys.
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Team Champéry Mar 13
So happy to see Luke has found a partner! We wish this team all the best!
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Heather Green Mar 13
They are looking like they will be very exciting. Wish you all the best xx
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Hollie Mar 13
How exciting! I really enjoyed both of them in their junior grand prix events :)
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