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Ryan Haas
This is a hell of a story: "I see this morning we are down to 26 ICE detainees,” Lt. Dan Lindhorst wrote in an email. “Could you please see if you can get these numbers up."
A jail in The Dalles, Oregon, that houses detainees for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has suggested local sheriffs keep their "numbers low" in the jail to make room for immigrant detainees.
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Ryan Haas 16 Nov 18
Replying to @ryanjhaas
Update: Former jail administrator tells OPB they aren't keeping inmates out because of ICE detainees...but says they do release 10 inmates a month while keeping 40 beds open for ICE. 🧐
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OPB 15 Nov 18
Replying to @ryanjhaas
ICYMI: Nearby residents argue the agreement between this jail and ICE violates Oregon's sanctuary law. A judge will hear the case in January, which could (finally) bring clarity to the law.
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MLBGY the Resista 16 Nov 18
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Pat Fuller #TrustScience #WearAMask #BLM 15 Nov 18
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Profit is prime objective
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melomys 😷 15 Nov 18
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This is truly horrible.
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Shari 17 Nov 18
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DV8ByDesign 15 Nov 18
Replying to @ryanjhaas @cjpatruno
It's 26 too many!!!
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Furious Old Fart! 16 Nov 18
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Ellen Rudolph 16 Nov 18
Replying to @ryanjhaas @Lawrence
And who is making the profit of this?
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