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Ross Kay Realty Advisors
a simple 7% house price correction for first time buyers makes homes as affordable as an increase to a 30 year amortization does at current prices. If it's this simple why are is @MinSocDevCMHC not being told this by ?
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John Xinos 26 Feb 19
Less debt is NEVER part of plan it seems...
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Yvonne C. Stay safe, stay free. 26 Feb 19
He has give out election goodies to the young. Nothing else matters.
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LegallyMom 26 Feb 19
Because they don’t care about affordability for the young. They only care about propping up price gains for their boomer base.
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Eric Duficy 26 Feb 19
It’s not for the FTHB, it’s for the lenders. Announcing its for FTHB is for votes.
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John Burns 27 Feb 19
The money supply is increased through bank debt, Feds have to support bigger mortgages. But lower house prices = less debt service = more spending money = higher velocity of money = stronger economy. Morneau must stand firm with lower house prices to avoid recession.
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yvrbuyer 27 Feb 19
because is wise enough to figure this out himself...
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