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Richard Zussman
On the political front, John Horgan is a big winner today. He stood by his stance that FNs were not properly consulated and often reminded about the risks associated with a seven fold tanker increase.
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Joan D. Rollins 31 Aug 18
This being so, PremHorgan has shown precious little concern for the FN with that would affect the damn *already failing* fiasco. So Look North Premier!
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Ryan Martin 30 Aug 18
Replying to @richardzussman
Don’t kid yourself. We all lost today. Canada will become an even bigger black hole for investment. The vulnerable will be hit the hardest.
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Adam 30 Aug 18
Thats okay as long as out other industries hold strong, like they are.
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FactsRFacts 30 Aug 18
You may wish to speak with many of the FN that support the pipeline and are now very unhappy. Saying all FNs are homogenous is disgraceful and inaccurate. Once again, coastal interests are front and centre whereas the interior Bands are forgotten.
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Gard Mackay 30 Aug 18
And as real estate tax revenue tails where will Mr. Horigan generate revenue from? Where will 1st nations generate revenue from? We all cant live off the backs of the taxpayer
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Fiona Lewis 30 Aug 18
Replying to @GardMackay
Governments provide services with the tax revenue they collect. People need to work for government to provide those services. Those people are not “living off the backs of taxpayers”.
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Rod Mickleburgh 30 Aug 18
yes, Horgan a winner in one sense....but this decision unlikely to change many minds among proponents of the pipeline....British Columbians pretty evenly split....
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Reg Whitaker 30 Aug 18
British Columbians are split over almost everything, always have been. Very unlike the near-monolith next door in Alberta.
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Emma's Dad... 30 Aug 18
Hotairhorgan is no more effective than a fart in the wind
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