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Tweets Sep 25
Resume sharing statistics have arrived! 👉
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Merge resumes and cover letters into one PDF file! PDF exports have become even more flexible! 👉
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Docx (Word) export option is live for the Sydney template! In our constant quest to provide more options and freedom to our users, we've adapted the Sydney template for .docx export! 👉
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Reach new heights with new professional deals! In our new update, we’ve launched a Deals feature within every account. 👉
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Stockholm template update More file type features - more freedom! The team has been hard at work improving our . 👉
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Custom color picker tool. You asked, and we listened! 👉
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We are happy to announce the addition of our new offline resume writing support feature. 👉
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How to write a resume guide. Ever wonder what the resume writing process would be like with professional help from start to finish? Wonder no more! 👉
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New templates! We have always prided ourselves on offering some of the most unique, professional, and effective resume templates in the game. 👉
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Line spacing feature! This X-mas we released our newest hugely helpful feature to the builder: Line Spacing. What is Line Spacing and why did we do it? 👉
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now supporting Pre-written Phrase suggestions. The newest version of the resume editor is now supporting adding Pre-Written Phrases. How does it work? 👉
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Export to DOCX feature. We are proud to let you know that we enabled a cool new feature: Export to DOCX format. 👉
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Job Tracking Dashboard 📎 Our new Job Tracking dashboard is available in beta - 100% free. 👉
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Work-life balance, does it even exist? And if it does, how can you make it happen? In this comprehensive guide [including a QUIZ!], we will show you how to go about answering those important questions.
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You can go from day to with these amazing books!
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Now that winter is over, here are 7 common-sense steps to give your a spring makeover.
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Here is EXACTLY how to ask for a without getting screamed or laughed at. The truth is there is no silver bullet when asking the boss for more money, it takes preparation and a tailored approach to help ensure success.
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What is the best way to describe your experience on a ? Easy, the STAR method. We will show you how to use the STAR (Situation Task Action Result) method to describe work experience in a way that grabs the hiring manager’s attention.
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Looking for a is stressful AND time consuming. Use this guide to dramatically improve your search, and help you land that dream job!
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Have you ever wondered how many days people from other countries get each year? Our latest piece of research gathers data from various sources to show which countries have the most days off.
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