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Resonate 15 Feb 19
Ok geeks! What's your favorite license? Generally speaking we want others to access and contribute, but not close off their versions into new closed source apps. Thoughts?
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Paul Lindner 17 Feb 19
Replying to @resonatecoop @mattl
Hmm, maybe mimic Ethereum? - Reusable libraries/components MIT or Apache? - Resonate-specific frontends/backends, AGPL? (like Mastodon?) Note: AGPL would restrict participation by corp contributors (like myself) wdyt?
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Hey Paul, why does AGPL prevent someone like you from contributing?
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Paul Lindner 18 Feb 19
Replying to @resonatecoop
Google and other companies restrict their employees from contributing to AGPL code. I suggest giving some thought to negative/positive liberty., covered in "Decoding Liberation: the promise of free/open source sw"
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