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Matt Asay 2 Nov 18
Microsoft has (by far) the most active contributors to open source yet the DO survey respondents picked Google (53%) as “embracing open source most” above Microsoft (23%). Why? Likely because MS may have contributors but Google has projects like K8s and Tensorflow developers use
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Brian Rinaldi
Most developers that I know use Visual Studio Code every day. Many also use TypeScript. So I'm not sure I agree with your theory. Often our perception isn't tied to the existing reality. We hang on to preconceptions even when they've outlived their meaning. That's my explanation.
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Tierney Cyren 🍑 3 Nov 18
Replying to @remotesynth @mjasay
FWIW I think VS Code + TypeScript address one set of developers - mostly JavaScript developers - while k8s addresses an entire class of developers (DevOps/Infra) and TensorFlow addresses an older caste (Python). K8s *itself* has been more impactful than VS Code + TS combined.
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Bernd Verst 🏠SEA 4 Nov 18
VS Code is also good for Python, Java and more. TensorFlow is in Python but not really for Python devs - it's for data science / ML folks wherever they are coming from. Most people haven't heard of K8s and don't know which systems are powered by it. Impact yes - without awareness
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