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Ryan Edwards
Here was a good quote from John Elway yesterday on “Logan & Lewis” regarding Garrett Bolles’ holding penalties. Hear the full interview here:
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Justin Arfsten Sep 18
If you have to ask “does he know what holding is” 2 years and some change after you’ve drafted him, methinks you didn’t do your homework on a dude that you drafted in the first round. I’m not saying. I’m just saying.
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Tony Borton Sep 18
Translation: Goodbye Garrett. Fangio, Scangarello, and Donatell (our Goodfellas) are about to take GB for a one way drive to the woods...
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Brett B Sep 19
Yes but unfortunately after we lose a few more games. Maybe it's for the best. Pats are winning the SB this year so may as well get a high draft pick
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Stacy Lindsay-Esnault Sep 18
Only drawback from this interview was when he said "even though some of the penalties were with the running game". Remember that when when that running game starts heating up jus how Important it is.
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RSH Sep 18
I, and many other Broncos' fans, begged and pleaded for the Broncos not take Bolles when they were telegraphing their selection of him for more than a month before the 2017 NFL Draft. Yet here we are. Ryan Ramczyk could have been a Bronco. That's painful.
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ChummyJordan Sep 18
My friend and co-worker from India who has never seen an american football game for even five seconds knows what offensive holding is... ...full blown professional adults are stating this guy might not know what he is doing is not allowed!?!? kill me.
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Jared Venters Sep 18
Bolles is on the shortest of leashes now. I can’t remember when I’ve heard Elway this way...Even when he was considering VJ’s standing.
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Chris Budka Sep 18
How does a first round first team pick left tackle not understand what holding is? Most offensive lineman in pee wee ball all the way up the ranks know exactly what holding is!
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