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Quick stop in on a grey drizzly day. Love me some hot on my way to !! Such great and big news coming your way this Christmas! Lets just say: I’m back!!! Stay tuned u crazy fans!.....L
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Tina Nov 23
Awesome!! And try some “The Spice is Right” Tea - I’m addicted 😝
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Biovirulent Nov 23
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Adventuresaft50 Nov 23
I hope this means what I think it does
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Glow Vancouver Nov 23
We love big news 😃 that's really exciting... You should come to Glow✨ Christmas while you are in town!
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thanks bloomer Nov 23
cheers from drizzly detroit!
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Mike Hughes Nov 23
Stay safe brother! and I really mean that....
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John jones Nov 23
Yesssss! Finally!
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Matt Paczok Nov 24
Look forward to the announcement. How much for a private concert, if one was to go west to you? Though rather be here in PA, and that way you can do some hiking here in our state.
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James Schooling Nov 24
Please tell me that SMTV is coming back! I miss it, Les.
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Dan Huber Nov 24
Considering I've cut the cord, I'm hoping that whatever is coming can be streamed in some fashion. I'm stoked regardless!
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