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Donald J. Trump
We have now learned for sure that the Democrats don’t want anything to do with Crazy Bernie. Rigged? First & quit the race & come out for Sleepy Joe BEFORE Super Tuesday. Pocahontas says NO & quits race AFTER ELECTION, thereby depriving Bernie of at..
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Donald J. Trump Mar 7
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
.....least 5 States & the Nomination. Did the DNC & Dems tell Elizabeth Warren to wait? If so, they were deadly, the race would have been over, & Bernie would have won. Dirty double dealing? Nobody knows for sure, & history will be the judge. But I say, here we go AGAIN, Bernie!
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Anthony Cornrod Mar 7
President Trump is an amazing leader, and He is going to stop China from sending their China stuff here. Bringing back all the good jobs, good coal shoveling jobs, tie and hat sewing jobs. Building transistor radios! Jobs out the wazoo!!  MAGA ❤️ AMEN ⚒️🦅🦞🇺🇸🧠🇨🇳🦞🦅⚒️
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salmo Mar 7
like if u love trump
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phoebe barnum Mar 9
I hear there are a few empty rooms at Mara Lago
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Andy Ostroy Mar 7
SO terrified of ...
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Angela Belcamino Mar 7
Imagine being this proud of not having a clue. But here we are.
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Mary Traynor Mar 9
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