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Donald J. Trump
“Nasdaq Hits 9,000 for First Time Ever”
(UPI) — Stocks surged higher as a year-end rally stoked by bullish economic news pushed the Nasdaq to 9,000 for the first time.
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jen pal Dec 26
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Real wages are lower today than in 1973. 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. 62% of jobs can’t support a middle class life. 140 million are low income. Half of older Americans have no retirement savings. 40% of can’t afford a $400 emergency bill. Debt is 23 Trillion.
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#ThePersistence Dec 27
What’s wrong with trailer parks? We’re registering a lot of new voters at trailer parks. That democrat, elitist, “I’m better than you” attitude is why so many people are leaving the democrat party. I’m a Walmart, t-shirt & jeans guy, & I welcome everyone to the GOP.
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carol cox Dec 27
if they have a 401 or ira, then they are invested, in the market
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Bipolar Bear Dec 26
Any idea when this is gonna happen?
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amanda Dec 26
😂🤣😭 I’m dead now
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Cult 45 Deplorable Trumplican! Dec 26
They’re pissed becuz he’s exposing their crimes 😁
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Brent Allen Thale Dec 26
He meant impeachment as removing him from office. The market realizes this will not happen and is skyrocketing. Good times roll.
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Jordan Dec 27
... Yet. He still can be. And, believe me, there are a lot of REAL crimes to go on.
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She won the popular vote by a landslide.
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Wierda25🇳🇱🏛🦉 Dec 27
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