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Donald J. Trump
"It is the assessment of the U.S. government that Iran is responsible for today's attacks in the Gulf of Oman...."
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Brian Elias 13 Jun 19
Let Israel kick their a**
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Sean Phillips 17 Sep 19
Before that happens, how about a service call? Should I call Marv direct yet again before your company finally acts? This is now being ignored twice on the same windows.
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Stranger than Fiction 13 Jun 19
What do they have to gain from it though??
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james 13 Jun 19
Be more specific
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@tinfoilted 13 Jun 19
In less than 24 hours we know for sure it was Iran blowing up tankers but Kashoggi killed inside a Saudi Embassy we still can’t confirm DOH! OK.
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Shadow of Dot Calm 14 Jun 19
Yeah! That’s the problem with trump and Pompeo lying 24/7/365—even if they ever did tell the truth, which they’re incapable of doing, no one would ever believe them.
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Deboz 13 Jun 19
A brand new shiny diversion.... 😏
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Becky Cowart 14 Jun 19
Auntie Maxine is getting a donation from me, so nah.
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