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Donald J. Trump
I hope the discovery and eventual recovery of the Argentine submarine San Juan brings needed closure to the wonderful families of those brave missing sailors. I look forward to hearing more from my friend President in Argentina later this month.
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Otto von Bismarck 19 Nov 18
I would be doing a better job! This president is a lightweight! Sad.
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Mask - get virus / no mask- get virus 19 Nov 18
Way to go Trump. You are a great leader, and continue to drain the swamp and maintain composure as commander. Thank you.
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Alejando Pálpitos 19 Nov 18
These men and women were already our heroes, and now that we know where they left their blood, they are also eternal guardians and custodians of our sea, Proud of them.
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Lily Forest 19 Nov 18
You should be proud of them, Alejando. They were indeed heroes. I’m truly sorry for Argentina’s loss and so are the U.S. citizens who don’t support trump - which is more than half of us.
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Karen Shuter 20 Nov 18
Just like with putin and election "meddling:.
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M. M 🇺🇸🧘🏾‍♀️✌🏾🙏🏾🏳️‍🌈🌸🗳🇺🇸💜💛💚 19 Nov 18
I’m so tired of Donny claiming how much he respects our military & Veterans...and my family has been in all branches. IF he truly means it he would apologize to J.McCains Family for his DISRESPECTFUL AND UNPATRIOTIC COMMENT ABOUT NOT LIKING MILITARY/VETERANS THAT GET CAUGHT!
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CatDogWoman 20 Nov 18
I'm tired of it too. A lot of my relatives served or are serving in the military. They put their lives on the line. They deserve respect.
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