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Donald J. Trump
I hope the discovery and eventual recovery of the Argentine submarine San Juan brings needed closure to the wonderful families of those brave missing sailors. I look forward to hearing more from my friend President in Argentina later this month.
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Otto von Bismarck 19 Nov 18
I would be doing a better job! This president is a lightweight! Sad.
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Carolyn Keane 19 Nov 18
Watch the news much? They said they won’t be able to pull the sub out of the water. Go to bed.
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Patriot677 7 Dec 18
It's all about RESIST and not about accomplishments. The liberals simply want to make the president look bad, at any cost, including the destruction of our great country if necessary. My question is: What do they plan do do once the are successful and there is nowhere to go?
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Karen Shuter 20 Nov 18
Just like with putin and election "meddling:.
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Եօʍ 20 Nov 18
I wonder who wrote this tweet... DEFINITELY NOT TRUMP! 💥 Trump's tweet would have sounded like this: "San Juan was a tremendous Argentinian submarine. The deepest submarine with regards to sinking. Incredible sailors. This tragedy could have been avoided by emptying the ocean!"
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Sally 9 Dec 18
The words are too long for tRump to have written it.
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Cat in the Hat ❄ 20 Nov 18
Hopeful thoughts: 21 Democratic controlled Congressional House Committees in 2019 including: Ways & Means - Expose 45’s taxes Intelligence - Russian investigation Homeland Security - Immigration Judiciary - DOJ Oversight - Emoluments clause Ethics: Where do we even begin?
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