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Rasmus Lerdorf
New PHP releases are out including PHP 7 Beta 1. Go get them at
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BarnBotāš„ 11 Jul 15
Replying to @rasmus
so current stable = 5.6.11 and beta is 7.0.0? What happened to poor old 6.x.x?
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Robert Treat 11 Jul 15
Replying to @barney_parker @rasmus
search github long enough & you'll find it... its the one w/ the patch applied replacing ZEND engine w Parrot Runtime
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Rasmus Lerdorf 11 Jul 15
Replying to @onbjerg
@uigenkendelig it is likely to go in when we have a decent implementation. And it certainly can't go in until we do a full arginfo cleanup
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Ajay Kumar 19 Jul 15
Replying to @rasmus
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