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Rachel Aiello
Here's PMJT on and World Cup. On marijuana amendments he takes a shot at alleging he's encouraged CPC Senators to obstruct the bill throughout the process.
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🇨🇦 Theb Eavers 🇨🇦 13 Jun 18
I wonder if the NCP would repeal it if they were to be elected...
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Glenn King 13 Jun 18
Well it would make sense to tighten up the loose ends, but sunny ways needs votes, so he’ll just walk over due process!
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NSPOLY 13 Jun 18
Our Youth already in endanger positions for all aspects from corruption, political and suffering family matters. So they’re already addicted to many drugs. If government allows home grown marijuana it will be devastating for the whole generation! The consequences will see soon!
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Brenda Rehkopf 13 Jun 18
We don’t need marijuana! Just more problems
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