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Pynk's ‘Crowd Wisdom’ system combines our crowd, experts and to make smarter decisions. People Powered Investment.
Tweets Jan 24
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Warren Buffett: compounding interest’s biggest advocate!
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What is interest and how can I benefit from it? 🤔 The concept of is arguably the most underrated power in the world. We explore in our new post 👇
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Pynk's all new tech hub in Izmir, Turkey is open for business!! 🇹🇷 Talented developers wanted to join rapidly expanding team. Perks include seaside office location and free kebabs 🍢😁
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The Pynk is all about sharing knowledge, informing one another and building Pynk, together. So don’t be shy, grab a cuppa ☕ and join us on the side 🔥
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Our Waitlist has hit 11,225 – Wowza! 🌟 Make sure you don't miss out on a piece of the pie when we launch later this year 🥧 As we know, is better together 🤟 Signup Today 👉
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Great pitch at the demo day tonight so happy to be part of this great network 🦄
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Seedrs Jan 10
Investing is better with the power of the crowd behind you. is coming soon to Seedrs! Pre-register for priority access to the campaign: Capital at risk.
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Drum roll please.... 🥁🥁 We've just launched a brand spanking new website ! Hurrah! 🙌 Tell us what you think Pynksters?
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Hello 2020 👋 It's going to be a big year for Pynk as we take crucial steps in building the world's most inclusive investment platform. Find out what's in store from post on the all new board ✅
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A happy new year to all you lovely Pynksters ❤️ May 2020 be everything you wish for and we're looking forward to working with you in 2020 to take to the next level 👊 🥂
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Today we are excited to announce the last exchange of the decade!! Every quarter Pynksters earn shares in the Pynk trading vehicle in return for their price predictions that power ROSE A big thank you 🙏 to our superhero Pynksters 👊
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Have you been a good boy or girl this year? 🎄 Is Father filling your stocking? 🎅😜
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Checkout what Pynk Co-founder had to say to about Pynk’s Crowd Wisdom system, why is the centre of global , working with regulators and 2020 expansion plans 🚀 📕
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The Pynk investment fund, coming soon to everyday investors, is diversified across assets classes. That's why we collect predictions on , , and ETFs across bonds, commodities and stocks. And because the decides, we have ESG bias avoiding stocks that do bad
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Many congrats to , , , , who each won a place in last night at the startup event 👏👏 Looking forward to seeing how these develop with the support of 360! 🚀
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Team Pynk looking forward to pitch event this evening. 🤩 We love founders who have dreams of shaping a better future for all. ❤️ Looking forward to seeing who will win 1 of 5 spots to work with the amazing , Europe's premier !!
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Pynk CEO reading up on the great !! Team Pynk visited & to establish , thanks also to If you know any badass developers in the area it's a great time to join us for 2020! 🤓
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Pity the fool who trades by themselves.😎 That's why have added Gold to the daily price prediction tool, so Pynksters can invest, earn and win together. 🙌 👉 Check it out here: 👀
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